One thing that does not change in the fashion world is the craze for denim wear. Be it a year old pair of jeans that you wear for an evening stroll or the new short jacket you bought to wear over the skater you had, denims are the perfect partners to up the cool quotient of your outfit.

They’ve been there unbeaten in the race ever since their inception and experts see no fading of this popularity. More than anything denims are perfect for both guys and girls thanks to the undistinguishing nature of the fabric. Moving a step ahead, here are some more ways how you can explore this vibrant fabric of yours.


For guys who just manage to sneak in a humble dressing when they are not at work, denims are their rescuers. A casual tee with a pair of slippers and regular denim jeans would be perfect for them to go cool and casual with their look.


If you are looking for the perfect colour combination, then a denim jacket on an all-white apparel works well. Try the new trend of combining denims with floral to add an air of freshness to your look. It could be a sleeveless jacket on a floral frock or maybe a top.


A crop top-jacket combo would go just fine with your look – a black blue one at that would be awesome. It brings back the late lost 90s fashion, but then that wouldn’t be a boring one at that.


Some destruction and subsequent repairs are never really bad for your separates especially when it comes to those slight faded colours. Go on, try experimenting, rip them off in the correct places and match them with casual tees and of course a pair of sneakers is all you need to complete the look.


You could also try the rugged look using the same principle of destruction and repair, especially at the knees which adds to the swag. In fact, three quarters with your denim teamed with a batwing and floaters go real well if you are on for a girls-day-out!


Denim shirts also go well for a casual outing. All you need is the correct light dark combination and denim on denim would just work perfectly for you. Also you could use the versatile fabric for a jacket-shorts combination, mind you keeping the dark light shades rule in mind.


For our pretty ladies, slim fit denims with a cuffed shirt or with a white singlet looks simply elegant.


If you want to experiment on pastel shades, then combining a denim jacket with a vibrant one-piece would work just fine.


Too much with open jackets, now if you haven’t tried buttoning these chics then you are actually missing on quite a lot. Buttoned up does the trick when you have a real loud colour as a top and your jacket kind of speed breakers it, giving an all in all sober appearance.


Lastly denim shirts are a real good option to flaunt at a friends’ get together. They are both casual and classy at the same time. With opened hair or a high ponytail, these shirt may get a bold edge if teamed with denim shorts.

A unique property of denim shades is that the colours tend to mould your figure. A dark blue or any colour on the darker region of the scale can visibly slim your figure and on the other hand, a lighter shade draws attention to the part it covers.

So there it is. Go grab your piece of a denim and use it to bring out the fashion in you – in your way!

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